The Buzz On Saw 9

Spiral: From the Book of Saw

Does anyone else find it odd that one of the biggest horror movie franchises of all time; which had an original release date for its ninth installment of the film on October 23, only to then bump it to the earlier date of May 15 as to not compete with Blumhouse’s Halloween Kills, does not have a whole lotta buzz? It seems to me like there may be a whole lotta confusion.

Chris Rock and Max Minghella

Firstly, what is the actual name of this movie? I have seen it referred to as multiple options, which had me initially guessing as to what the actual name this movie will be released under. Let’s take a look:

Spiral, Saw 9: Spiral, The Book of Saw, Saw 9: The Book of Saw, Spiral: The Book of Saw, Spiral: Saw 9: The Book of Saw, Spiral: Saw 9: The Book of Saw Starring Who Now?

The official name of the ninth installation Saw is, Spiral: From The Book of Saw (see Lionsgate official site).

Top billing goes to Chris Rock and Samuel L. Jackson, two names I never expected to see together, especially in one of the grizzliest horror movie franchises ever made. If I had to imagine one of the two names in this billing, I could picture Samuel L. Jackson as he already has crossed over to the creepy side of life being a M. Night Shamylan muse.

The two together though? That’s an exciting team-up.

Chris Rock
Samuel L. Jackson

The third cast member who was not given top billing, Max Minghella. Yes that Max Minghella of the very successful Hulu series, The Handmaid’s Tale. Minghella has had a robust career for years but manages to fly under the radar somewhat. Minghella is big name right now and rightfully so-he belongs up their with the best of the best-the man’s acting skills crush.

Spiral From The Book of Saw will be released possibly this month on Friday, May 15th or possibly on October 23. Due to the Covid Pandemic nothing is certain these days. But rest assured, this movie will make its way into our lives. Praise be.

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The Invisible Man (2020)


Written and Directed By: Leigh Whannell

Starring: Elisabeth Moss, Oliver Jackson-Cohen, Harriet Dyer, Aldis Hodge, Storm Reid, Michael Dorman, Renee Lim

Release Date: February 24, 2020


This weekend the first ever major studio movie; Universal Films The Invisible Man, was released direct to the consumer by way of video on demand, after movie theaters were shuttered along with everything else in the country due to the Covid-19 pandemic, became available to download at a cost of $19.99 for 3 viewings over a 48 hour period.

The steeply priced VOD may have turned some would-be viewers away as the, at-home versus in-theater value has not yet caught on fully. I decided to take the plunge and rent the film to help you decide for yourself if you’d like to also participate.

The Invisible Man stars Elisabeth Moss; head of Hulu’s smash hit, The Handmaid’s Tale, as Cecilia the victimized wife of optics genius Adrian Griffin (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) whom a la #metoo, valiantly decides to take her life back by leaving her abusive husband after drugging him in the middle of the night.

As Cecilia hides out of sight with her friend James (Aldis Hodge) and James’ teenage daughter Sydney (Storm Reid), strange occurrences begin to happen forcing Cecilia into a state of panic. Questioned at first and then shut out by her sister and best friend, Emily (Harriet Dyer), Cecelia takes a hardcore ride into the mouth of madness.

As bizarre occurrences escalates, those who once believed in Cecelia’s sanity diminishes in beautifully crafted suspense and friction by mastermind director Leigh Whannell; suspense which is reminiscent of the Great Depression noirs, with their Hitchcockian vibe and slow burn to frantic climax.

The Invisible Man will be a favorite of cross genre fans including seekers of the thriller and suspense experience but will also appeal to the horror film base. For those of you who are keen on a drama, The Invisible Man will tickle your fancy with its strong backstory brought front and center—as long as you don’t mind some edge of your seat, nail biting.

So grab the folks you’re quarantined with and pop the corn. You deserve a break from the worrisome pandemic. And remember—it could be worse; an invisible man could be stalking you while you’re quarantined during a pandemic.

Again, the first ever major studio movie to be released direct to the consumer after movie theaters were shuttered along with everything else in the country due to the Covid-19 pandemic, is available to download at a cost of—a very enjoyable 2 hour reprieve from pandemic life.